#6 Weed

wacky.jpgMost people get exposed to marijuana during high school, some even before. But this initial stage of the pot-smoking lifestyle can be characterized by going through great obstacles to find any kind of weed available, such as borrowing your friend’s car to pick up your other friend’s brother who knows a guy living in this trailer park who’s roommate sells herb. And usually (unless you live in California, Oregon, or Colorado) the weed you buy is the reject shake that even Pakistan won’t smoke.

By the time these people enter college it is an entirely different story. The first weed they find is actually in bud-form opposed to looking like a bag of old yerba mate. Plus it will be more potent, stinky, and stone them more than the first time they huffed whip cream when they were eleven. And it’s everywhere, even your Microeconomics TA can hook you up with a bag. Thus, college students’ love affair with the wacky tobacky is born.

Freshmen in the dorm must deal with the hassle of either finding a way to secretly toke up in their room or meet chill friends off campus to borrow their couch and bongs for a while. Contraptions involving dryer sheets, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, and other such household items are put to use by hundreds of students all over campus, but this can easily end with a “write up” faster then you can say “Abba Zaba, you my only friend.” Much safer to venture off campus where you will most likely become immersed in your town’s local smoking circle who jams the Dead while discussing other stimulating topics such as their roadtrip to Conventry for Phish’s last show, which chinese restaurants have free delivery, and which heady nugs to pack next.

Another thing college students like about weed is they can name their smoking devices.

“Hey man, should we pack Lil’ Smokey or Bongalo Bill?”

Beware, becoming too involved in pot culture can lead some to believe they don’t need college degrees to make it in the world, they can just start selling it. Don’t fall into this trap, you life will be much more satisfying by shelling out $50 once a week with a college degree than trying to find some sort of minimum wage job after 3-5 in the pen.


4 responses to “#6 Weed

  1. hey man, good job so far. It appears as if you have actually been on a college campus. Thank you for also not referring to college students as college people. your 6 posts are much better than anything that other fool has ever written, keep it up.

  2. True!!!!

    Check me out….


  3. take ur time and learn wordpress make your blog more appealing to the eye


    people smoke tons of weed before college
    and wtf w the pakistan rip?

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