#7 Their Parents

parents.jpgSomewhere between high school graduation and their second semester in college, college students’ opinion of their parents flips 180 degrees. In high school parents were the enemy; the nasty beings making unreasonable rules, curfews, and simply making your life a living hell. They get mad at you when they catch you drunk or smoking weed, they don’t let you hang out with your friends, and make you feel bad for missing dinner.

But once you pack up and head off to college, parents become entirely different beings. Instead of the hateful trolls that felt they could control you just because they carried you in their womb for nine months, they actually become somewhat… cool?

Cool may be too strong a word, but they are good for a few things in college students’ minds.

a) They give out money. Lots of money. $30k a year for tuition while their you get stoned and skip class. $500 a month for rent. Plus many college students still get “allowance” so they don’t have to risk their grades by having a part time job. Though most of this money goes to beer, pot, and food.

b) They take you (and 3-7 of your friends) out to eat whenever they visit; usually dropping at least $200. This is their obligation for giving you a hard time for the first 18 years of life and they feel they need to make it up to you.

c) They finally treat you like an adult; although you still need them to make rent.


2 responses to “#7 Their Parents

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  2. All I ever cared about in college was getting high and getting laid. Screw the rest of it.

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