#10 Being the Authority on Completely Obscure Music

Just saying college students like music is an understatement. Lots of people like music, but for college students it is almost a competition. Sure, every college kid likes Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and the White Stripes; but others need to take music to the next level. These few college students, most likely to be Philosophy, Environmental Studies, or Political Science majors, that feel they are the complete authority on all music. That is, music worth listening to. This does not include Dave Matthews Band, U2, John Mayer, or Green Day (or anything high school students listen to. Note: they will never be Music majors because they are too busy studying classical composers to mess with the latest indie bands out there.

You can tell if they are true music aficionados if they can spout off a 15 minute rant about how they saw Eric Bachman when he was still in Crooked Fingers or how Band of Horses have completely sold out since signing with Sub Pop and they saw them when they were 9 years old. Their 80 GB iPod will be completely full, and wardrobe will be comprised of concert tees mixed with vintage. All this combines to strengthen their indie-cred (more important than GPA).

If you ever stumble upon one of these self declared music prophets, you can easily score dozens of new burnt CDs simply by asking them “So what are some new bands you’ve heard?” Just beware that if they ever ask to check out your iTunes, make sure to promptly delete any embarrassing music such as Beyonce, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, and All American Rejects (as well as the before-mentioned bands). If they see any of this music (or similar) belonging to you they will immediately sever all ties.

Note: I’m not saying the bands mentioned are bad in any way; they are just way too popular for these self-proclaimed music freaks.


2 responses to “#10 Being the Authority on Completely Obscure Music

  1. You should start this up again. Lack of comments is lack of critique, not necessarily lack of love.

  2. No, it’s a lack of love. This is pretty bad too.

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