This blog is in response to the “stuff college people like” blog that completely sucks. After much frustration with that blog I thought I could do a little better. I know this is a total ripoff from SWPL, but I think college students can be funny and strange, so hey, why not?


9 responses to “About

  1. this blog is way better than the other one

  2. I’m not so sure that either of them are good. The writing quality is too erratic for me to enjoy myself while reading these posts, and it seems like the writer is from a total pothead school (most college students have probably not tried pot more than once or twice). Oh well, I look forward to the day that one of the two authors proves me wrong, because I’m sure as hell too lazy/busy to make a better blog (I’m a computer engineering student! Half my time is spent typing assembly code or trying to figure out why the fuck a circuit won’t work!).

  3. well i agree the author is no journalism major, but i think most of the posts are at least somewhat true when it comes to college students. maybe the next post should be something that relates to engineering like “never getting laid because they are working too hard on engineering projects” but hey, i would agree that i’ve never met an engineering student that smoked pot…

  4. I never smoked pot in college, but I knew a lot of people that did so I can relate to that one. I couldn’t imagine being able to sum up all college students with one post, but at least if they don’t represent you in college you can get a good laugh over the ones you knew that they DO represent (girls dressing up for the gym especially)!

  5. this is a big improvement from the college people blog. maybe not as good as SWPL…
    keep up the good work though!

  6. To the editor:

    My name is Bryan Roy, representing Red Cup Media — the nation’s first student-run blogging network. I’m interested in this blog and would like to discuss a partnership. Please send me an e-mail ASAP if you’re interested.

  7. Hey what’s your email? We’d like to give you some free, green stuff for a giveaway if you’re interested. Love the blog.

  8. Where do you go to school?

  9. the writer of this blog definitely goes to iona.. just sayin

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