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#11 Interactive Drinking

Interactive drinking is more than drinking while interacting with others. It is interacting with the act of drinking. This could mean drinking games or the drink itself.

While drinking in itself is an enjoyable activity for college students, they like to spice things up by playing a drinking game. Games such as Asshole, Beerpong, Beer Die, Egyptian Rat Screw, and so on are usually common place at social gatherings. Sometimes a party may be too hoppin to organize a drinking game, but for those more chill get togethers they are a great idea for getting everyone hammered.

The other form of interactive drinking is the drink itself. Two of my favorite examples are Flaming Dr. Peppers and Edward 40 Hands (which goes waaaay beyone being simply a drinking game).

Flaming Dr. Peppers:

1 bottle of Amaretto Liquer
1 bottle of 151 or Everclear
1 case of domestic beer
1 lighter
1-10 shotglasses (depending on how many people are participating)
same number of glasses
Inflamable drinking surface (that means no tablecloths… learned that from experience)

Pour the shotglass 3/4 full of the Amaretto and top off with 151. Pour the beer in the glass so it is approximately 2/3 full. Light the 151 on fire. Drop the shotglass in the beer. Chug.

Tastes like Dr. Pepper

Edward 40 Hands

I like this game because you learn so much about everyone involved, especially once it comes time to break the seal. Simply duct tape a 40 oz. to each hand. You can’t remove the 40 until empty (depending on rules, you might be able to remove one at a time, but remember the other will be horribly warm by the time you finish the first). Let the hillarity begin!