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#14 Barack Obama

For many college students, Barack Obama is a shining light for the political future of the United States. Just don’t ask them why, they won’t be able to answer that. College students like Obama for many other reasons; he’s a young, he’s black, he smokes, and most important… Hillary is too bitchy.

Most undergrads were not old enough to vote for Kerry in 2004, so they haven’t experienced the disapointment when the liberals don’t win in the end. So they already assume that Obama is the next president, saying things like “Wow, how cool is it that we are going to have a black president!?!” Ummm… chances are we’ll have another rich white dude, but I’m all for positive thinking too…

College students show their support for Obama in a few different ways. They might join the Facebook group “100,000,000 Strong for Obama.” Or the “100,000,000 Strong AGAINST Hillary.” They might put an Obama sticker on their car. But they definitley won’t protest against the war, volunteer to knock on doors on Election Day, research how Obama stands on issues compared to other candidates, or even join the Democratic organization on campus.

But at least college students are of legal age to vote, and at least most of them will.